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Joss Stone’s Road To Glory

Joss Stone spent her teen years in the rural town of Devon, where she bought her first album, Aretha Franklin’s Greatest Hits, which inspired her to become a singer. At the age of 14, she auditioned for a popular BBC show, Star for a Night. Therein, Joscelyn thought that she could do better than the…

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Audio Content Development Made Easy With Fruity Loops Sounds

Audio content development is an art that requires a high end input from the person who is trying to practice it. Not only does one need a deep sense of music, but he also needs to be well versed with the terms, tricks as well as skills of audio development. Even though a person might…

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Music from Memphis has a Soul All Its Own

The music from Memphis has made such a profound impact in the music world that it has been the reason that the city of Memphis has earned such nicknames as Home of the Blues The Birthplace of Soul, The Home of Rock and Roll, and Soulsville, USA. The musical influence in Memphis has always been…

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