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Music Lessons – Major Pentatonic Scale

Major Pentatonic The major pentatonic is similar to the minor pentatonic: The intervals for a major pentatonic are 1 2 3 5 6 1. The C major scale consists of C D E G A C. The difference between the major and minor scale is the minor scale has a flatten 3rd interval. The following…

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Is it Time To Choose Your First Musical Instrument?

Music makes the world go round, or was it money? Either way, if you feel you need a new hobby, something fun and entertaining, you could do worse than trying out a musical instrument. There is no age limit on learning to play; there are no time restrictions. You can choose to get professional lessons,…

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Learning to Play the Blues With Guitar Backing Tracks

Have you ever considered the fact that practicing your blues guitar skills requires playing with a real professional band? Especially before you can progress to the next level of your playing. Well, not everybody has a professional band lying around that they can call up and say, “OK, I’m ready to practice now.” Does anybody?…

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