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Why People Move To Austin

Austin, Texas is no longer a hidden destination buried in travel books. It is projected to grow in population by about 30 of the Austin population has college degrees compared to the US average of 27.0 have graduate degrees compared to the US average of 9.9%. A lot of this has to do with the…

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Dean Capewell Allstars Feel Good Valentines Charity Gig.

Dean Capewell Allstars Valentines Show: For those who attended the Surrey Community Hall Fundraiser on Friday, it was a night to get groovy, with or without a partner! This night was more about the music than a lover’s holiday. Valentine’s Day maybe a day of love and romance, but Dean Capewell and the ‘Allstars’ put…

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Lead Guitarists: Understanding Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales

In this article we are going to provide you guidance about our 1st scale, the Minor Pentatonic scale. Pentatonic is a special scale to learn, especially for guitar. It is commonly the first scale. It is pretty easy, and it works really well over simple chord progressions, and is a great place to start practicing…

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