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The Beatles Top Three Albums

During The Beatles legendary career they released a total of thirteen. Of course that does not include the Anthology series or any of the greatest hits compilations, but instead only their official studio albums. When choosing The Beatles best three albums it came down to a choice among the following six for me: Abbey Road,…

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How To Buy Musical Instruments Wholesale

Are you interested in setting up a home business selling gold jewelry? Buying wholesale is easier than you might think and you could save a huge amount as opposed to the retail price. This article is a guide to gold jewelry, buying your merchandise and finding suppliers or manufacturers for the product. Are you interested…

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McKinley Blues

No, this isn’t the story of Blues music on America’s highest mountain, this is the story of influential blues musician McKinley Morganfield, a virtuoso of slide guitar. Slide guitar is also known a bottleneck guitar because bottlenecks were the first materials used to produce the effect. Normally a guitar player varies the pitch of notes…

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