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A Look At Historic Los Angeles Restaurants

Los Angeles is a city rich in history and culture, and as such there are many historic Los Angeles restaurants still standing today. The interiors, exteriors, signs, and furniture of these establishments are all representative of the eras in which they were built, and are truly living museums of the past. One of these is…

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Save Money on Music in a Tough Economy

For many of us Saturday afternoons used to mean heading into town to browse around the shops and flick through the CD racks looking for some new music to invest in. However, now we can avoid the traffic and crowds and simply download music from the internet, whatever type of genre you prefer, classic rock,…

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Drum Set – Popular and Ancient Percussion Instruments

Who among us has not stamping his in time with the rhythm of our favorite songs, who do not drum on the surrounding objects? Percussion instruments are the backbone of modern music, and many young musicians stopped the choice on them. Perhaps the drummer is not always a prominent figure on the stage. Nevertheless, the…

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