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Getting the Most From the Local Music News App

Why should you have to happen upon a certain day’s newspaper to find out one of your favorite bands from the 90’s grunge era (yes, that’s officially classic rock now) is having an impromptu concert down at the local college. If you’re like most people, your schedule doesn’t exactly permit for searching all the local…

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons Online: The Best Way to Learn

Most of us, at one time or another, tried to learn an instrument as children. Maybe we were forced to join the band and play a ridiculous clarinet at the age of 10. Maybe we were forced to endure years of piano lessons by an overbearing father. Whatever the reason, most of us are left…

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3 Ways To Master The Blues Guitar Like Buddy Guy

Nearly all blues guitarists start out as rock or country guitarists, only developing their interests in blues at a later date. Thus, there are many blues guitar players who don’t have all of the necessary education and background requisite to play traditional blues who rely on altered rock licks and scales to sort of “fake”…

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