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Fab Four Marketing

You know, once you start looking, there are lessons everywhere. This morning, I was taking my son, Patrick, to school. We were listening to the Beatles- Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. Patrick’s in the process of making demos in his bedroom recording studio, which provides me with steady “proud daddy” moments. Anyway, we were…

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Marketing Through Music Distribution Companies

Today, music distribution companies are necessary to get your music out to the public. The industry, as a whole, sells recordings in order to make sales and pay musicians and composers. Behind the scenes, the musicians and composers must pay an assortment of people who are involved in recording and producing their music. Often the…

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Get the Best Acoustic Songs

Acoustic songs have come a long way. Back in the early days of rock and roll, acoustic songs were simply the songs that the rock stars would play when they only had an acoustic guitar. Not that they were ever looked down on, but they were surely looked at as a second-favorite. Some seem to…

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