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Restaurants In Austin With Live Music

Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. One of the best parts about having that distinction is that even if you aren’t necessarily into the club scene, you can still hear live music at restaurants throughout the city. Whether you feel like hearing Cajun, blues, country, Latin or rock, you can…

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The Art Behind the Music

An Interview With Classic Rock Art Curator Michael Goldstein of RockPoPGallery Rock and roll has been part of our pop culture for many decades and, so too has pop/rock memorabilia and art associated with it. Many classic album covers were created to not only sell music, but the concepts and images that were often the…

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The Easy Way To Learn Acoustic Guitar

Many people dream about being in a band someday, wanting to play an instrument like a guitar. To learn acoustic guitar can be intimidating to some because they think learning it is hard to do. But the wonders of accomplishing it vary upon the eagerness and perseverance of an individual who wants to play. No…

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