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Is it Better to Burn Out than to Fade Away?

When Neil Young wrote the song ‘Hey Hey, My My’ in 1978, he would have had no idea of the implications that one of the lyrics would have on music and society. Spoken in full only in the acoustic version of the song, Young states the infamous citation that still resonates today – ‘it’s better…

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Making Opportunities For The Guitar To Stand Out As A Solo Instrument

There are many instruments which are called upon during particular passages of music to play a solo piece. From pianos to violins, from the gentle flute to the crashing and throbbing of a drum solo, it is often a very distinctive moment that draws attention to the unique voice and characteristics of the particular instrument.…

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Music is the thing that always turns your mood on. It is the thing which makes you relax and soothe your nerves. Whenever you feel like depressed then music cheer and enlighten you up. People who love to play music will be a life to any party due to their artistic talent. Guitar is one…

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