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This Guitar Museum Hits Just The Right Notes

The test of time often proves that you are dealing with a qualified, if not exceptional company. The Martin Guitar Co. was started in New York way back in 1833 by C.F. Martin Sr. Being a native of Germany, based on some obscure information, the move to New York is somewhat comical in nature. Mr.…

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Blue Oyster Cult Tickets- A Delicacy!

Who doesn’t love that SNL skit featuring Christopher Walken that includes a parody with the Blue Oyster Cult hit, “Don’t Fear the Reaper?” The Blue Oysters were perhaps best known for this classic song, only without the cowbell. Now fans can enjoy some good old fashioned vinyl records, full of Blue Oyster Cult melodies. Sony…

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The acoustic guitar is a popular stringed instrument originated in Spain. It has a flat, waisted body, a round sound hole, and a fretted fingerboard, or “neck,” along that run six strings. The strings are fastened to tuning screws at the top of the fingerboard, and to a bridge, which is glued to the instrument’s…

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