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Largest Free Blues Festival in the World Celebrates 25 Years

Chicago is home to many great festivals and events. One of its greatest is the Chicago Blues Festival, held in Grant Park each June. This year’s festival is a landmark celebration for the 25th Annual Chicago Blues Festival, June 5-8, 2008. The largest free admission Blues festival in the world, the four-day festival offers the…

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How to Play Rock Beats and Punk Rock

Undoubtedly, the most popular style of drumming is rock. It includes all genres like rock alternative, heavy, classic, metal and soft. Most of the drummers play rock music because it is very easy to learn to play the drums on the basic rock beats. However, rock drumming can be very difficult and complicated at the…

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Tabs For Acoustic Guitar

One of the best thing when you start playing acoustic guitar is that you do not need to learn the notes.Tabs for acoustic guitar are graphs presenting the strings and showing where you should put your fingers. It is a lot easier and more intuitive. The largest part of the string instruments use tabs. This…

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