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Changing Face Of Music Festivals In India

India is globally known as a land of diverse cultures. It is rich in history, natural beauty as well as music and dance. Music is a large part of the religious celebrations as well as the festivals of India. Classical music of India has its roots in ancient culture and is present in Modern Indian…

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Acoustic Electric Guitar Secrets Finally Revealed

Choosing the right guitar for you can be quite an ordeal. You want it to look cool hanging from around your neck, but you also want it to be comfortable and unique. You see the many different types on television and that makes it even more difficult to decide. The first decision that you have…

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Harmonicas-An Overview of the Harmonica

Harmonica is an instrument that gained vast popularity with the blues music movement. Over the years the harmonica has remained a trademark of blues music and has also remained popular as an instrument as well. Harmonicas are made up of cover plates, reed-plates, and a main body called the comb. Harmonicas are free-reed aero-phone instruments…

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