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The Most Well-known Alcoholics Of Past And Present

If you look around you will find that there are many famous personalities who were alcoholics. There are many alcoholics who have achieved fame over time; some of these individuals have battled their addiction to alcohol in view of the public, while few others became well known after they defeated their alcoholic disease. If you…

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PRS Guitars – Why They’re The Choice Of Rock Legends The World Over

Rock legends all across the globe have a fetish for PRS guitars and with good reason too. The PRS guitars manufactured by Paul Reed Smith company are high-end musical instruments that were originally made for local guitarists but later went on to became prized possessions of musicians everywhere. The manufacturers of PRS guitars are reputed…

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Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar

Im experienced in teaching guitar and do it full time for a living. In the course of this article Im going to point out what I think are the most important considerations for anyone planning to learn to play acoustic guitar. Hopefully it will help you to avoid some of the more common problems beginners…

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