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Info of Gibson Tribal Explorer

The Gibson Explorer was overly significant for lots of players in its day from 1958,however when hard rock and heavy metal arrived at town from late sixties to early 70s,it seemed to be the ultimate guitar to be seen with, an overall total commitment of crushing rock motion. During a lot more than 5 decades,it…

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Aerosmith Tickets – Rock Hits the East

Ever since it was announced that Aerosmith would feature ZZ Top as the co-headliners of their tour, the buzz has been growing. Guitarist Joe Perry has been stating over and over again in recent interviews that he feels privileged to be playing with ZZ Top as they are as much legends as the Boys from…

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Piano Lesson: Using The Blues Scale

You can start improvising with the help of the blues scale today. You will learn three easy left hand chords and how to use them in your improvisations. We will use the key of G-major. The first chord to learn is a three finger chord for your left hand that is usually called G13. If…

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