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Characteristics of Soul Genre Music

Good old school funk music written by: PAPA-G Old fashioned funk music was originally employed by African-Americans expressing their social and political opinions. Soul, blues and jazz include the oldest genres and out of them rhythm and blues(r&b) was born. This music was later accepted in other cultures, each culture blending it along with other…

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Paul McCartney Tickets – Sir Paul Hits the Road Again!

Coachella is always packed with surprises. Whenever a lineup is announced for the year, hardcore music junkies rush to see who the headliners are and what up and comers can be expected to play. They’re rarely let down by the interesting mix of artists that the concert’s programmers get, but this year had an especially…

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Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Reading Guitar Chords

Playing the guitar is every boy’s dream even if they can’t be good at it. In high school, it is very rare that boys will not even attempt to learn to play the guitar. For this reason, music schools are about dime-a-dozen. In every city, you will also find freelance teachers who will show young…

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