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My 10 Favorite Guitarists of All Time

Some people worship guitarists for their technical playing ability. “Shredders” they are often called. Personally I tend to find these types of players to be excruciating to listen to because rather than focusing on the sound that they’re making they seem to be focused on how quickly their fingers are moving. These are people who…

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Counting Crows Tickets – They Cancel Another Gig

Singer Adam Duritz has not had an easy time as of late. A nasty little flu virus has been overruling concert dates and has forced the Counting Crows to cancel several of their most recently scheduled appearances. Tonight’s show at London’s O2 Academy Brixton has also been shelved because of Duritz’s inability to shake the…

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Learn The Acoustic Guitar And Extract Fascination From Any Multitude

Watching a skilled guitarist completely dominate an audience is a fantastic event to behold. The way they seem connected to their guitar, as if they were born somehow attached to it. They seem to have a direct connection between their thoughts and the music blaring from the speakers. Most of us, when watching such a…

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