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Gear-Zone Festival Guide

It’s here…the festival season is upon us, and there’s something for everybody – whatever your age – going on at stages across the country. Here at Gear-Zone we’ve also got your needs covered, from our cost-cutting festival packs at to something exclusively for the ladies, the incredible SheWee which will bring a sigh of…

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The Most Miraculous Acoustic Guitar Concert I’ve Ever Seen

The other night, I was sitting at home, not expecting much to happen. I figured I’d watch some TV, eat some potato chips, have a few beers, and call it a night. Then a couple of buddies of mine unexpectedly showed up, telling me that I absolutely had to go with. I couldn’t help but…

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The Basics Of Learning To Play The Blues Guitar

Learning how to play blues guitar is important because of the versatility it offers. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know another band’s material as long as you know the basics of blues licks, you can jam with ease! If you want to have blues guitar lessons, you should consider these six factors: great sound,…

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