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Can Karaoke CDs and DVDs Improve Your Singing?

With such a wide range of karaoke CDs and DVDs available to purchase it can be quite tempting to start your own library to try and perfect your voice. But the question remains is can creating your own library of karaoke CDs and DVDs improve your singing? Does making such a purchase increase your chances…

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How To Play Acoustic Guitar In Flat Pick Style

Here is how to play acoustic guitar in flat picking style. In order to begin, you first need to get a guitar, a flat pick, and a chord book or chart. With a firm chair, sit up straight with the instrument on your lap, and place the right arm on the instrument body. The flat…

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Great Ideas For Learning Blues Guitar Licks

Are you struggling to make your name in the Blues? Did the audience throw tomatoes at you because your blues guitar solo performance sucked? If you want to impress the crowd with your tunes, you have to have a decent set of blues licks to break the tension and to keep the jam going. This…

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