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Kicking The Old School With Blues Guitar Licks

Looking to learn to play the best licks on guitar? Well, there is nothing better than the blues. The blues guitar is the great grandfather to all the musical genres that are worth a listen: from rock, rhythm & blues, hip hop, soul, funk, jazz, and even heavy metal. All these genres owe a great…

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PRS Guitars – The Choice Of Rock Legends

PRS Guitars has been named after its owner Paul Reed Smith, who is a musician. The company was set up in 1985, and it has been a success since then. How the owner started making guitars is quite an interesting story. Paul was actually challenged by his music professor to create a guitar to earn…

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Mastering Blues Keyboard Riffs

In popular music, blues keyboard riffs are universal. From Billy Preston jamming with the Rolling Stones to Ray Charles kicking into “What I’d Say,” blues progressions and scales serve as the basis for legendary songs and amazing keyboard solos. One of the greatest aspects of blues keyboard riffs is the musical theory behind them, which…

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