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How to Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing by using Backing Tracks

Playing the lead or solo at a live gig is the greatest moment for any lead guitarist and the best way to be perfect is by practicing with the help of guitar backing tracks. Whether you are interested in playing lead for classic Rock, heavy metal, hard rock, bluegrass, blues guitar or any other genre,…

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Guitar Playing Styles – Which One Is For You?

Some guitarists can perform all of the many different styles of guitar playing whilst others just concentrate on their favorites and leave it at that. The majority of styles can be played on either electric or acoustic instruments. However, heavy metal music would be played on an electric guitar and styles such as flamenco or…

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The Essentials Of Learning To Play The Blues Guitar

Learning how to play blues guitar is important because of the versatility it offers. It does not matter if you do not know another bands material as long as you know the basics of blues licks, you can jam with ease! If you want to have blues guitar lessons, you should consider these six factors:…

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