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Life without Music

Nietzsche said life without music is a mistake. I usually don’t agree with Nietzsche as his moustache always seemed suspicious to me, but this time he was right. Why is music so important to us, to each and every one of us as human beings, as animals? What is it that music does, what is…

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Modified Acoustic Guitar Insurance Protects Your Guitar From Unseen Threats

According to the requirement of the society Music in general and musical instruments in particular changes at regular intervals. With continuous efforts New trends and new brands are launched in the market at regular intervals. Still, if you are a student of guitar classes or a professional guitarist, you are always anxious about your piece…

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Determine the Key of a Song with Guitar Tabulature

Guitar tabs are an informative guitar- favorable mode of putting riffs down, but they generally are not as much informative as sheet music. Guitar tabs frequently rely on backing tracks with some descriptions and analysis to support them. This is because they do not have key information and timing??” but if you are fortunate, the…

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