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Tips On How To Play Blues Piano

Studying how to play blues piano might seem easy. However, it takes more than a single lesson for one to become a professional in playing the blues. If you are one of the few who are lucky enough to have a really good ear, then you should have an easier time. Otherwise, it is recommended…

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Willie Nelson Tickets – An American Classic on Stage

He’s a well-known outlaw that dons pig tails, a white beard and a guitar. Willie Nelson has been on stage since the ’70s when his personal activism took center stage, and remains a prominent figure in country music today as he tours with Bob Dylan and John Mellencamp this year with a baseball stadium series…

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Acoustic vs Digital Piano

Which would be a better buy? An acoustic or a digital piano? Before anything else, let me give you my definition of what a digital piano really is. Although some electronic musical instruments can also reproduce the sound of a piano (examples are music workstations, sound modules, sample-based synthesizers, software and hardware samplers), this article…

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