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Twenty Interesting Facts About Bob Marley

Twenty Interesting Facts About Bob Marley 1. Bob Marley was a white Jamaican originally from Sussex, England, whose family claimed Syrian Jewish origins. 2. Marley was named Nesta Robert Marley. 3. A Jamaican immigration official suggested to Bob’s mom that “Nesta” sounded too much like a girl’s name. So they switched his name to Robert…

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Wedding Music – Creating The Atmosphere

Music is one of the most important parts of a wedding celebration. It can entertain guests and keep the atmosphere fun and exciting. First of all, if your wedding is even slightly traditional, you will need music at your wedding ceremony; whether it is at a religious place of worship such as a church, mosque,…

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Eight Popular Guitars

There are literally dozens of guitar brands on the market, some good, some bad and some unbelievably excellent. If you want the best sound and quality, then it really does pay to choose a good brand name. You`ll pay more initially, but it`s worth it since you`ll just have to replace a cheap guitar pretty…

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