25th Anniversary Blues Festival

In order to educate the public about the native art of blues music a non-profit organization was form. This organization was called the Mississippi Valley Blues Society. Their mission was by performing, interpretation and preservation of the blues music the public would grow to appreciate and understand it.

The organization created an activity called the Blues Education program. This program is a four to nine weeks of blues music that is incorporated in the educational system. It is a set of 15 performers that will perform and have workshops at the school, library or the towns center. Their performance and workshop will be about the blues history and heritage.

In the hopes that the blues music tradition will be carried on by the younger generation, the BlueSKool was created. Its aim was to encourage kids from all age ranges to learn about the blues music. The in house residence artist will provide hands on experiences for the children. They will teach, discuss about their past experiences as a performer, encourage the kids to work as a team to create blues music and at times might be able to share the stage.

Mississippi Valley Blues Society is known for their Mississippi Valley Blues Festival some critics have even commented that it is the finest blues festival in the country. The festival is a three day event that is held at the Mississippi River banks every year.

For this year the festival will be held July 2 to July 4,2009. The Mississippi Valley Blues Society will hold their 25th Anniversary Blues Festival at Davenports LeClaire Park. On July 2, the Mississippi Valley Blues Society will celebrate the silver anniversary by featuring the first few artists from the first few years of the Mississippi Valley Blues Society.

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