3 Rapid Ways On How to Learn the Blues Music On your Guitar by Using a Very Unique Tool.

Do you happen to be frustrated for not having the ability to take your guitar playing abilities to the next level? Do you often ask yourself why hasn’t your blues skills develop much during the last couple of months or so? I believe I have some pretty good tips that can help you even if you are not exactly a blues guitarist but instead you are just a regular guitarist who enjoys all genres of music. Actually, I’m a guitar player myself, maybe not the very best in the whole world, however, I believe that i am a pretty good one.

I have some very nice tips that will, I’m sure, enable you to boost your musical techniques. Most probably, they will not be ground-breaking ideas that could make you become a real advance guitar player in a single night, however they will surely allow you to improve your skills in the bare minimum amount of time. Those are the things that I have learned with experience over the years and not to mention how much they have helped me an awful lot since then:

1. Perseverance is KEY!!

Keep going and keep pushing! Don’t give up on that particular song that you are trying to learn. Many people too often make that kind of mistake. They learn something, they get unbelievably excited about it at the beginning but when it becomes just a little bit harder, they just give up. This does not apply to only music, but to pretty much everything that you do in life. If you are going to give up on something because it got “a bit difficult” or because you did not see any kind of results after just a few days, then chances are, you ARE NEVER GOING TO SUCCEED in anything!!! Sorry for being really frank but this is so important: DON’T GIVE UP!!

2. Choose a particular song you want to learn and STAY FOCUS!!

Of all the blues songs (or any other genres) that you must surely have on your hard disk, pick the one that you really like and that you believe you can learn in 3 – 4 days MAX!! If you think that it is going to take you way more than 3, 4 days to learn it, then maybe you should just pick another one for now. Your aim here is to learn something that is within your capabilities and move on to a harder one after that. So once you’ve found that song you want to learn, start immediately and more importantly STAY FOCUS UNTIL YOU KNOW IT COMPLETELY!! Don’t do the mistake of learning just half of the song and moving on to another one!

3. Practice every single day or if you want at least 5 times in a week!!

Yeah. I know, what most of you must be thinking right now; “Practice?? Really?? That’s your amazing tip of the day??” .. okay, I’ll have to admit that it’s not the most revolutionary idea of all time but the reason why I mentioned it, is for me to ask you one simple and yet really important question: How many of you can proudly say that they DO PRACTICE RELIGIOUSLY EVERYDAY??

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT and that’s undoubtedly true. Practice the songs that you’ve learned as much as you can and even when you’ve moved on to learning a new song, come back and practice the old ones AGAIN and AGAIN!!

Now, hear me out! At the beginning, I did mention something about a tool that you could use to really and drastically boost your learning process. Have you ever made use of some blues backing tracks while trying to practice learning a song? If your answer is NO, then maybe it’s time that you think about it.

Backing tracks are incredibly important and useful when learning how to play the guitar, especially nowadays. So many artists use them in their daily work or during their leisure time and the reason for this, well, it’s simply because there are so many advantages to using them!

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