A Review of Planet of Rock’s Guitar Backing Tracks

Are you tired of waiting for your band to get it together so you can get some high quality practice sessions? Do you have a burning desire to get so good at your guitar licks that people can’t wait to hear your next song? Perhaps today has found you “in between” bands. If any of these situations ring true for you, then you will be overjoyed to discover the guitar backing tracks at Planet Of Rock!

What are guitar backing tracks? They are music tracks that have been digitally remastered without the lead guitar or vocals. You can use them either for practice or live performances. They are also good for practicing rhythm guitars, for singers to perfect their performances, or even for karaoke practice. Guitar backing tracks give you an instant band to back you up, at the touch of a button!

Planet of Rock is run by musicians, so they know what you want. No matter what kind of rock you like, you will find high quality guitar backing tracks here to give you all the songs your heart desires. They have Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Southern Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative Rock, and Heavy Metal. And for a change of venue, you can also get Blues or Country. They are conveniently delivered to you on CDs, or you can instantly download them in MP3 format.

Speaking of MP3s, Planet of Rock has plenty of sample tracks for you on their website. Use these sample guitar backing tracks to jam to the sweet tunes of Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Queen, Metallica, John Petrucci/Dream Theater, Joe Satriani and more!

Want more free stuff? Sign up for their VIP membership to get over $ 2837 worth of free lessons, videos, audios, interviews with rock legends, guitar jam tracks, and an “Ultimate Tone” guitar book. Learn how to do the cool moves of the rock stars, like how to play your guitar “backwards”! Find out what’s hot in the latest guitar “gear” from insider experts. Discover how to perfect techniques like pick sliding, shredding effortlessly, or sweep apeggios.

As luck would have it, right now you also get a 15% discount off their already low prices on your favorite tracks when you buy from their web store! Plus, you can buy your guitar backing tracks with confidence from Planet of Rock. Testimonials from their many customers attest to their superb customer service.

Let Planet of Rock help you play like you’ve always wanted to play. You’ll never know what kind of complicated licks you can do until you’ve practiced enough to get them down solid. With instant guitar backing tracks, you can joyfully learn and perfect the techniques you’ve only dreamed of being able to play. A new future awaits you. Go for it!

Visit Planet of Rock for professional guitar backing tracks. These backing tracks allow guitarists to jam with a live band at the comfort

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