Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Reading Guitar Chords

Playing the guitar is every boy’s dream even if they can’t be good at it.

In high school, it is very rare that boys will not even attempt to learn to play the guitar. For this reason, music schools are about dime-a-dozen. In every city, you will also find freelance teachers who will show young people several acoustic guitar lessons.

Although it may be said that only a few actually persevere to learn how to play the guitar, there is no shortage of good guitar players around the world. Perhaps guitar playing is more popular because guitars are cheaper than the piano. And in the world of rock and roll culture, guitar looks manlier than other musical instruments. People want to identify with rock gods so guitar playing is almost inevitably where they go.

So what are the first acoustic guitar lessons?

Perhaps there are many. One will be taught to identify the parts of the guitar like the body, the neck, and so on. One will also be taught how to string a guitar properly and tune it, too.

Ultimately, the learner will be taught how to read guitar chords by himself. This is the only way one can learn how to play the guitar. Once a student is already efficient in reading guitar chords from chord books, he can then move on to practicing and playing by himself. Keep in mind that there are beginner guitar chords to let the student get used to the feel of the strings. This is painful at first and should be mastered before moving to the power chords.

Reading guitar chords will not be possible without guitar diagrams. There are different families of chords that one should know, too, other than the fact that there is a correct position of every finger for every chord. One should also understand what a fret is, what the dots are for, how to count frets in the neck, and so on.

Guitar diagrams are shown in squares with lines that represent the guitar frets and the strings. The bottom line is the first string, the thinnest one, and as you move up, the lines represent the strings up to the base. This is why guitar chord diagrams have six lines. This represents the six strings of the ordinary guitar.

The dot shows where the string should be pressed. If you will carefully observe, here are numbers on top of every black dot. The number represents the finger that will press the string on the position of the fret from the head of the guitar neck. If the number says three on the fourth fret and the dot is on the third line, this means you have to press the third string on the fourth fret with your third finger. To count, your forefinger is the first number; the middle finger is number two, and so on.

One you are done with your first set of acoustic guitar lessons and once you are efficient in reading guitar chords, this is the time you will be able to play as much songs as you want from music books.

All you need to do is to look up the chord, press it, memorize it, and make sure it sounds right with the tune you are playing. Soon, you will find yourself playing without the help of a chord book at all.

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