Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Should I Learn How To Play A Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar?

Very first, are you left or right-handed? That’s naturally a very first question you must ask yourself in case your thinking about a left handed acoustic guitar.

Clearly, it depends on your dominant hand. Which hand do you employ the most?

For example, I am right-handed. I play it the traditional way, meaning I do the chords with my left and strum using the right hand.

I have a couple of friends however which are right-handed, but play a left-handed guitar. Many of them just felt normal holding it that way, while others just wanted to experiment.

But as everything in life, you can adapt to different situations and there is absolutely nothing that could keep you from learning to play a left-handed guitar. Practice, practice, practice!

1 major disadvantage is the fact that left-handed guitars are much more pricey and harder to obtain than their particular right-handed counterpart. A great deal of corporations don’t bother making left-handed versions, due to the costs they incur to alter their whole manufacturing procedure. Furthermore, roughly 10% of the people are left-handed, and most of them (higher than 50%) play right-handed guitars. This makes this market unattractive for these firms.

Obtaining the exact acoustic guitar you need will also show quite difficult, as a result of the apparent lack of manufacturing, or because they’re only made being a limited version.

1 very last point to think about is that you simply will not have the ability to borrow some other people’s guitars. Does that sound odd to you? Well, what I meant was that if you’re at a friend’s home or at a social gathering and there is a guitar, unless it’s a left-handed guitar, you will not be able to play it!

So carefully consider these details and see in case your benefits still outweigh your expenses.

Lastly, it’s constantly a great idea to ask about, request some advice from people who are enjoying left-handed guitars and see what they have to say!

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