Best Indie Rock Band of the Decade

Looking at the best rock band of the last decade as we near the end is a very difficult task. A lot of it will come down to a matter of personal preferences and musical tastes. After all, we could draw from the pop music charts, or we could go with a band that’s more indie in roots.

I’m going to list a few that I believe to be right at the top of this list, before choosing my ultimate band of the decade. Yours will very likely be different than mine, but that’s what makes music as great as it is.

The first time I heard the White Stripes, I heard their White Blood Cells album, and I was floored. Their sound was a classic one, but a fresh sounding one at that. This band’s work was full of energy, and Jack and Meg White were great.

The layered sound that two musicians were able to produce is remarkable, and the band’s success spawned off a handful of other bands whose influences were rooted in garage rock. It was great to hear the White Stripes then, and it still is now.

This list couldn’t be complete without a mention of Radiohead. Thom Yorke and the rest of the band have been incredible during the last decade, perhaps even more so than they were in the’90s.

This band has stopped at nothing to continue pushing the limits in terms of musical boundaries, and they’re still going strong at the end of the decade.

While the White Stripes and Radiohead have been hugely successful, Wilco has enjoyed its own success on just as large a scale. This band has produced a wealth of great music during the decade, and its story is just as interesting.

Making the decision to drop its record label when they rejected Wilco’s version of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot was an integral point in the indie rock movement, and Wilco’s music has been some of the best of the decade.

It’s really hard to name just one band as the best of the decade, but Wilco gets it in my mind.

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