Blues Jam Session Review – See This Review Before You Buy

If you are not prepared for private lessons or if you just want to try learning guitar without shelling out a lot of money, Blues Jam Session online package might be a better chance for getting started with your guitar lessons. With BluesJamSession, you are guaranteed to become a professional guitar player in less than two months.

Here is what I like about it:

There are over 60 tracks of jamming styles. So if your preference is Rock, Jazz, Classic or Funk Blues the choice is yours. To get you started, you’ll receive complete scales, chord charts and Improvisation guides to help you learn smoothly. Plus you are given all the keys, a full chord chart for each track, all the guitar notes and scales as well as useful playing tips for individual tracks.

It also comes with easy-to-follow improvisation allowance and therefore you can not get stuck if you play the same tune over and over. There are numerous instructors for each and every section and for each phase offering a wealth of information. The package comes with over 20 audio MP3 examples and with over 30 pages covering the major aspects of playing blues. The videos presentation on blues jam session is of amazing quality and very impressive. The instructors are clearly spoken and speaking pace allows for easy understanding.

On purchase, you automatically get access to a lifetime membership access to tons of premium blues video tutorial on a wide range of topics. These tutorials are hosted by veteran guitarists and needless to say, come with easy-to-follow step after step video instructions. This means that for a lesser cost of a professional guitar school, you will have unlimited access to tons of videos and blues guitar tutorials. And make no mistake, the videos are very well made and presented as a learning aid.

All the tracks in blues jam session have proper endings no fadeouts. For easy learning, jams are sorted either by key for example Key of A , Key of A#/Bb , Key of B , Key of C and many more or by tempo for example 40-59bpm , 60-79bpm , 80-99bpm , 100-119bpm and many more.

I am very impressed with the course and would urge this for any guitar player who is seriously contemplating playing to an advanced level. I highly recommend this course for all blues musicians.

Mike Powell is an independant reviewer. Visit the official site of BluesJamSession at: blues jam tracksblues jam

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