Borderline, A Classic Dance Tune From Madonna

Any collection of the all time classic songs cannot be complete without featuring the world’s most successful female recording artist, Madonna. Yes, that’s right, according to Guinness World Records, there is no other female singer in history that tops her in terms of records sold. Many people have even named her the “Queen of Pop” but she has also received her critics for the quality of her songs.

I can perfectly understand why her songs are criticised, however, it must be remembered that if an entertainer has had so much success in a career lasting more than 25 years, then her music must have something that stirs the imagination and enthusiasm of so many music lovers. This is what makes her a legendary singer, whose greatness was officially recognised by her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “Borderline” is one of her first major successes that launched her to super stardom.

Lyrics-wise, the song expresses the singer’s frustration with their partner’s antics. The singer is madly in love with her partner, however, she feels that her love is being taken for granted judging by his actions. This is why the singer keeps repeating that he is pushing her love over the borderline, driving her crazy because she does not quite know why her partner is acting in a certain manner with her. This is a story and sentiment that many people can relate to, which is a reason for the song’s success.

The music video (not shown above) was the first Madonna video to be highly circulated on MTV, which contributed to her stardom. Madonna has always been known for her innovative and often controversial videos, nevertheless, she is known as a pioneer in the field of music videos, and she has been able to influence today’s generation of artists and their videos.

“Borderline” became Madonna’s second top 10 hit in the US as well as peaking at number 2 in the UK. It probably would have peaked in a higher position if Madonna had been a well-known and established singer at the time of its release. Nevertheless, it gave the world a small glimpse of the potential of this singer from Michigan who would become the most successful female recording artist in music history.

Some facts: Madonna has had 12 number 1 hits in the US and has sold more than 200 million records, both albums and singles over 25 years. In 2008, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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