Changing Face Of Music Festivals In India

India is globally known as a land of diverse cultures. It is rich in history, natural beauty as well as music and dance. Music is a large part of the religious celebrations as well as the festivals of India. Classical music of India has its roots in ancient culture and is present in Modern Indian Culture too.

The Shree Baba Harivallabh Sangeet Sammelan is a Hindustani Classical music festival that is held every year in Jalandhar since 1875. The festival is held over a period of four days in the last week of December and is now listed as a National festival of India. Similar to this there are a number of annual festivals that attract large crowds every year.

But this is only one side to the music preference of a nation with the second largest population in the world. Since the 60’s the Indian public have had access to music from around the world. Western music in particular has been a great influence to musicians in India who have been performing the music of the greats since then.

Genres such as jazz, swing, blues and other music in the 50s and 60s were so popular in the 90s. But this generation have lost their charm, the young generation. Genres like rock and metal and all different aspects of styles have stood the test of time and is very popular with young and old.

Western music was first limited to college festivals as it did not appeal to the majority that was interested in Bollywood music. But over the years the fan base for these genres has increased to such an extent that there are many festivals held regularly that celebrate different genres.

The Independence Rock Festival is one of the oldest Rock festivals in India. It is currently in its 24th year. The festival was founded by Farhad Wadia and has served as a platform for some of the biggest music acts in the country. The venue was originally Rang Bhavan however in the last few years the venue has been constantly changing to the extent that it is now not even held on the 15th of August.

The Great Indian Rock Festival (GIR) was initiated by Rock Street Journal (online music publication) as a platform for bands to create and play your own music. The first festival was a holiday for two in Calcutta in 1997. The festival has since moved across the country and the bands competing for a place in the festival.

Apart from these major festivals there are a large number of smaller festivals in the different metros of India. These festivals include genres that range from classic rock to pop to metal to even death metal.

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