Characteristics of Soul Genre Music

Good old school funk music written by: PAPA-G Old fashioned funk music was originally employed by African-Americans expressing their social and political opinions. Soul, blues and jazz include the oldest genres and out of them rhythm and blues(r&b) was born. This music was later accepted in other cultures, each culture blending it along with other music genres for example gospel and classical music that they can knew before. In the 1960s, artists like Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wander, The Temptations, Some Tops and bands just like the Parliaments rocked the field of souls. Later, funk was integrated with dance types of the 1970s with artists like Rick James making major developments. Rap and rap late got their way into the 1980s record companies and a lot of fans of older music were swayed towards this new genre. All old fashioned music passed the content of peace, love, correction and change. Today, it reminds a few of its fans regarding their childhood memories although some get informed in regards to the past and their good message remains.
Today, there are several kinds of Soul Music including Neo-Soul, Psychedelic soul, southern soul, and the like. Characteristics Tone – Soul Singers uses different tones from smooth to gentle, harsh to raspy, to be able to covey this variety of emotions. Blues and rhythm – Soul Genre Music has a definitive rhythm. It borrows heavily from twelve bars, three line lyric style often utilized in blues of the late 40s and early 50s. Call and response – Soul comes with a heavy call & response routine. The musician or singer calls out a saying or phrase and yet another musician supplies the response. Repetition – Repetition is usual in Soul Genre Music. Instrumentation – Soul music uses a variety of instruments such as drums, guitar and piano. Additionally, using saxophones and trumpets distinguishes soul music business songs genres

Have you been a classic school r&b music fan, but you don’t know to find these songs?

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