Dean Capewell Allstars Feel Good Valentines Charity Gig.

Dean Capewell Allstars Valentines Show: For those who attended the Surrey Community Hall Fundraiser on Friday, it was a night to get groovy, with or without a partner! This night was more about the music than a lover’s holiday.

Valentine’s Day maybe a day of love and romance, but Dean Capewell and the ‘Allstars’ put on a show with a twist, and by the end of it, the main floor of the Hall was filled in nicely and the well spirited audience was pumping fists in the air and calling out lyrics on cue.

The Capewell crew took the stage around 8 pm, with Dean leading off an instrumental jam highlighting solos of each member. The band proved immediately that the ‘Allstars’ are a true collaboration with Tony Adams and Mike Kingswood each bringing an unmistakable element to their sound.

Despite its rotating musicians, the ‘Allstars’ band sound has evolved over eight years to go beyond classic rock and embrace other musical elements, and even more recently, electronica.

But rock is clearly the core, and there was plenty of it at Friday night’s show. Unlike many bands that would play more in the background, the ‘Dean Capewell Allstars’ took centre stage, and Dean and Tony with their perfect guitar chemistry, eagerly shared their deserved place in the spotlight.

In addition to their own material, the ‘Allstars’ did a number of covers, including the Beatles’ “Love me do” which was well received, but strayed a bit too far from the essence of the band’s funky sound, as well as the Huey Lewis & the News 1985 hit “The Power of Love” with Mike laying it all on the stage, and even jumping down into the audience at the end!

They also covered two very different Pearl Jam songs – “Better Man” and, as an encore, “Last Kiss.” Both were solid performances showcasing Capewell’s vocal skills; but again, the ‘Allstars’ sound best when they stick to what they do best – getting funky.

An overall entertaining show, having cut their teeth into this Valentines celebration, The Dean Capewell ‘Allstars’ were an absolute party band, never bringing the energy down once they pumped it up!

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