Eric Clapton Stratocaster Analysis

If you are reading through this particular article, than I can venture a guess that you are looking to learn a little more about the impressive model of the Fender line known as the Eric Clapton Stratocaster Guitar. This particular instrument has many features that are exclusive to this model alone, and so the purpose of this article is to introduce you to these features, and the benefits of using a guitar like this one.

The truth of the matter is, there are lots of different features that could really turn some heads when it comes to this particular model. One of these is the body of the instrument itself. This model is made to look like the various Fender models of the past, and features a soft V on the body of the guitar as well as a finish that still stays true to being a Fender Stratocaster.

The next thing that you are likely going to notice is the action and the ease of playing. This electric guitar will be unlike most that you can pick up in its price range concerning the action. The strings are very close to the frets, but not so much that you have compromised the sound at all, more like the perfect balance that allows an ease of playing, but the most optimal sound that you can pull from these strings.

The Eric Clapton Stratocaster has also been grabbing some attention because of the pickups that are included with it. These will not only produce a clean electric sound, they will give you a particular tone that is specific to the Eric Clapton style of rock. This vintage sound is hard to come by, and this pickup nails it perfectly for much less than other models who are attempting to replicate it.

And it is those that wish to play this style of music that this particular model will be ideal for. Sure enough, you can benefit from the use of the guitar for a number of different styles and genres, but there the advantage lies in if you want to access this vintage sound for some true classic rock.

So if you were curious about the Eric Clapton Stratocaster, I can only hope that you are a little better informed about the guitar, and why it might benefit you to play it now. Sure, there are plenty of other things that you might care to know about, but this is the basic properties of the guitar, and all that some people need to know or hear about to make a decision.

The Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar guitar has many features that are exclusive to this model alone and for this reason Henry Jones takes us on the ultimate Eric Clapton guitar journey on

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