Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe: The Most Expensive Watch?

Reported by countless style professionals, a man should have just a couple of accessories: a ring (particularly if he is wed) and a timepiece. However, there are no hard and fast rules in style. A cuff link, for example, will add a subdued touch of class. But apart from that, gents need to minimize their own accessories. If you need to select one accessory, choose the watch. Why? A few recruitment professionals claim that when an applicant comes to a job interview donning a wristwatch, it gives the sense that the guy treasures his own and other people’s time.

For some people, a wristwatch is much more than a time keeping instrument and a basic quartz or digital watch won’t merit a second of their attention. A few individuals are generally interested in exotic cars or perhaps classic wines. Horologists are enthusiastic about timepieces. For horologists, a well-made timepiece is actually both an engineering and artistic marvel. Just lately, many horologists were excited with just what could be the most expensive watch to get sold recently – Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe.

The field of horology had been abuzz with this particular watch. Aside from the reality that its owner is a guitar master, the Patek Philippe 2499 belonging to Clapton never got on the production line. The watch, which is cased in platinum, was requested to be crafted by the Patek’s owner and also previous chief executive, Philippe Stern. You can find only two Patek Philippe 2499 known to be existing, Clapton’s and the other one which is housed in the Patek Philippe Museum.

Right before the wristwatch had been auctioned at Christie’s in Geneva, experts approximated that the timepiece might be available somewhere between $ 2 million and $ 4 million. But inspite of the buzz and interesting tale behind Clapton’s Patek, a different wristwatch from the same maker became the most expensive watch. Slowhand’s watch sold for a fantastic $ 3.6 million whereas a Patek Chronometer became among the most expensive watches, selling for $ 4 million dollars. The actual selling of these timepieces additionally cements Patek Philippe’s status as one of the most recognized watch creators on the globe.

If you’re seeking to go in the business industry, if you’re seeking to establish yourself as a person of substance, it is crucial that you choose your timepiece. Even so, there is no need to invest an absurd amount of money. When it comes to timepieces, it is about functionality as well as subtlety. If you are planning on investing in watches, pick one with a more vintage style rather than the trendy pieces which are coming out in the market today.

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