Falls Church Hotels Have Summer Blues

If you’re in the mood for some good-old soulful blues music then go look up one of your favorite Falls Church hotels, and take a trip back east to enjoy a taste of our summer’s exciting festivities. It appears as though a delightful attraction, The Tinner Hills Blues Festival, is back again, encouraging locals and tourist to fill up hotels in Falls Church, VA. The Tinner Hills Blues Festival is progressing on to present its 18th annual event, and has only gotten stronger throughout the years.

The festival is known for indulging blues-hungry music lovers in the area by bringing out a number of popular jazz musicians for a weekend-long event. Culturally popular performers such as Gaye Adegbalola, Deanna Bogart, Nadine Rae, Patty Reese, Curtis Blue, and crowd favorite Tome Principato will grace the stage, pouring out there hearts and souls through music. Audiences will be able to tune in at the top of Cherry Hill Park and join the festivities as it helps bring tradition and music together.

The Tinner Hills Blues Festival is an annual event held every summer that helps raise money for the Tinner Hill Heritage Foundation. Founded in 1997, the Tinner Hill Heritage foundation’s mission is to preserve the civil rights history of Falls Church, VA by educating our youth on the town’s proud past. However, the only way to continue supporting their cause is to raise funds, and that’s where the idea of a blues festival arose.

So not only do attendees get a taste of some great jazz, they’ll also take part in witnessing “Tinner Hill: Portraits in Black & White”- a performance that tells the history of Falls Church’s involvement during the early civil rights movements. This is a great time for towns people and visitors to come together, enjoy a splendid night of music and history, then head on back for a great night’s sleep at their home or hotel in Falls Church, VA.

Phil Kirby writes about Washington DC tourism, hospitality and Falls Church hotels. He is a well spring of knowledge on the rich history of Falls Church, VA and takes joy in sharing with travelers the information that only locals know to enhance their experience while in the area. There are many hotels in Falls Church, VA that are both economical and close to local attractions.

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