Find A Takamine Acoustic Left Hand And Electric Left Hand Oriented Guitars

Takamine will be the first name that comes to mind when you ponder acoustic left hand guitars. The Japanese manufacturer is distributed through Kaman Corporation in the US. They build a pre-amp/EQ into each model of A/E that they make, including their acoustic left handed guitars. In fact, all models of Takamine A/E are available for left-handers.

There are two electric left handed guitars that stand out among the many series of Takamine. One of these is the G series and includes a big variety of electric guitar left handed models. Most of these guitars have spruce top that is built with solid and nato sides and back. This wood Nato is quite an inexpensive mahogany- legume family and a distant relative of Koa which makes the instruments very spectacular. This guitar left hand oriented is top notch for several reasons when you put it dollar for dollar. Unlike many of their rivals, the body style has not been changed and is still very much a classic dreadnought with flat front and molded sides. With this special wood the acoustic tone still retains what every player long for. Very importantly, the chases will not slip or fall from your lap when you are strumming this beautiful guitar.

The only difference is that some of these left handed acoustic guitars have cutaways and some don’t. The single cutaway gives access to a higher register, which gives the player a bigger range. That’s why I like it. Almost all the guitars I looked at only had 20 frets because of a smaller scale neck. The neck joins at the 14th fret. You have clear access to the 15th-20th fret. You need this access when you turn the pre-amp up to do lead work or rhythm riffs.

Talking about the pre-amp and EQ, built in to every Takamine acoustic electric guitar left handed edition is excellent. With a TK4N electronics, this special set up gives guitarists to manually change mid-range on the fly if needed and has a “notch” filter which is changeable.

We can’t finish this one without talking about the Natural series of the Takamines. More of an upscale model from the G series it features a Mahogany back and sides with the top made of solid cedar. A great value for money it’s a natural electric guitar left handed version with great value and as they say, the life of the guitar is in the wood and these G series is not different. Having extremely good tone and clarity, both series of acoustic left hand guitars, electric or not, combine it’s attention to workmanship. You have a winning musical combination on your hand with a set of medium to light steel strings.

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