Great Bands From the Classic Rock Era

I’ve always been a big fan of the music from the 1970s. I’ve always felt that the statement “they don’t make them like they used do” was pretty cliche, and I still think it is.

However, I do think it’s true when it comes to music from the 70s. This was a decade that many believe to be the golden era for rock and roll, where some of the best rock music of all-time dominated the radio.

There are certain bands whose music served as the framework for the sounds of many other groups of the future. In fact, there are new bands that emerge every year whose sounds are reminiscent of the two groups that I’m about to cite.

Perhaps my favorite classic rock band of all-time is The Band, led by Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, and others. Having gotten their start with Bob Dylan, they quickly came into their own and became one of the greatest of all-time.

Their roots are in Canada, but their sound is one of Americana mixed with classic rock. This gives their music somewhat of a country-ish feel, which you’ll hear on songs like The Weight, which achieved widespread commercial success. There were also many other great songs that don’t offer as much recognition.

The second band that I’d like to mention here is ELO, which stands for Electric Light Orchestra. This was a band led by the greatly talented singer Jeff Lynne, who also penned most of their music too.

You’ve undoubtedly heard some of their music before, and you’ll still hear it quite often to this day. A handful of their songs, like Rollover Beethoven, are featured in movies and commercials all the time.

The sounds of classic rock fused with space age electronic sounds and symphonic classical music describe the sound of this band. They’re as interesting as that sounds.

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