Great Legends of Rock You Don’t Know!

Classic rock is a term used loosely to describe albums released in the early to late 70’s by artists that have become legendary and therefore “classics.” Most of these artists were highly original and became influential on many bands in subsequent generations to come. No matter what era you were born in, almost any band you listen to has been influenced by artists and bands from the 1970s. Moreover, even if you are only in your teens and you think your favorite band is “totally original,” chances are they were influenced by a musician or group from that era, even if they don’t consciously know it.

The seventies was a great era for music because it truly was a ground breaking time for rockers Nothing was (stolen|copied|rehashed and everyone had their own sound even though, as always in music, the 70’s was a evolution of the previous generation.

Rockers such as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Allman Brothers, Queen, Black Sabbath, Cream, David Bowie, Status Quo are all examples of acts who made their start in the 60’s but found their sound and style in the 70’s, and therefore gave rise to many other bands who then added their own flavor to these styles. I could go on for hours about classic rock but some songs and albums rate a special mention for their guitar prowess and are worth your time to have at least a quick listen.

WISHBONE ASH: Guitarists: Andy Powell & Ted Turner. Choice albums: Argus and There’s The Rub. Excellent melody and twin harmony lead breaks, copied by many acts since! Very complex arrangements.

Deep purple: Guitarist: Richie Blackmore: Choice albums: Made in Japan and Deep Purple in Rock Songs: Highway Star, Child in Time. Some of the most blistering guitar work you will ever hear recorded in the early 70’s and held the Guinness Book of Records title as the loudest recording ever made!

There are many great bands that are worth listening to. Keep track of who gets into the rock n roll hall of fame and use the web to find these great bands. Don’t just listen to the big names and assume that is all there is. There is much, much more to rock than the biggies and he 70s produced a number of lesser known bands worth your time.

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