How I Look At Pearl Jam As Deserving To Be The Greatest Rock Band In America

I ran across this article last week that just really took my breath away. It was about the results of a survey they had done about what band readers thought was the greatest rock band in American rock and roll history. And, I couldn’t even guess what the result would be, with all the great choices. But what shocked me was that readers picked Pearl Jam.

Now, I wouldn’t have disputed it if they were doing the best alternative bands, or the best band of the 1990s or something along those lines. But this was literally every band in the last 60 years or so.

I just didn’t buy the idea that Pearl Jam somehow ranked ahead of other far more classic groups out there. And it’s not as if I don’t like Pearl Jam, I just wonder how it came to be.

But then I really got down to thinking about it, and there are lots of great bands, but maybe not more than Pearl Jam.

You really could consider a lot of other groups in the same company there at the top of the list: From Van Halen and Creedence Clearwater Revival to REM and Guns ‘N Roses. But Pearl Jam really kind of sits above all them.

So, after thinking about it for a good long while, I guess Pearl Jam really does kind of deserve their position. They’ve really been consistently at the top of their game ever since Ten came out in the early 90s. And they’ve just sort of stayed there, producing awesome music.

I am honestly surprised to be saying this, but I’m on board with the masses on this one in crowning Pearl Jam the greatest American rock band of all time. It really is a deserved honor.

In the end, I have to tip the hat to Pearl Jam – they’ve been keeping it real longer than some people have been alive (no pun intended). They produce awesome music and have avoided the problems of drugs and disputes that are so prevalent everywhere else. They are great.

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