How To Boost Your Home Studio Acoustic

To record music and enjoy good sound leads to your house studio, it is vital to try the acoustic of your studio room.

If you build your studio, step one to consider is to pick a room that’s a long distance from the street and noise sources, such as television room, lavatory, kitchen, or cellar.

In this piece, I love to share you some guidelines the proper way to improve room acoustics to prevent sound from going out for better music recording.

Non-parallel Walls

A room with parallel facing walls downsides your recording. This occurs as the sound quantity creates standing waves and these standing waves end in unwelcome noises.

To avoid this problem, you could change one of the parallel walls. Create an uneven, round or absorptive wall. You might make pyramid and lattice shapes, but I’d never use concave curves. This type of surface reflects and diffuses sound you wish to hear. Diffused sound prohibits standing waves and gets rid of “dead spots”. You should also cover flat surfaces with hang diffusers such as absorptive thick weaving material curtains.

Placement of Speakers

Wrong placements of the speakers would encounter phase interference between the reflected sound and the direct sound. If the amount of reflected sounds that travels in your room is stronger than the amount of direct sound, you get too much reverberation. Therefore , you must place the speakers so that the reflected distant between the walls, ceilings, and your equipments are short. If the wall or ceiling is not enough absorptive, avoid to put the speakers in the corner.

Moderately assimilation

Excessive absorption would create dead sound in the room. Choose only materials that absorb complete range of sound such as good hardwood floor, heavy weaving material curtains, or thick gypsum board.

These tips hopefully would improve the efficacy of your music production in your home studio and ensure you finish up with perfect recording in your studio as well as outside the studio.

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