How To Choose Your First Acoustic Guitar

When buying your first guitar there are a lot of factors to consider.

When buying your first acoustic guitar, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on it because you may not stick with it. However buying a cheap guitar you may risk more than that.

If you buy a cheap guitar, it will be much easier to get discouraged. A poor quality guitar won’t stay in tune very long if it will even hold a good tune at all. This and other poor qualities make it difficult to get a good sound.

The goal of all beginner musicians is to start sounding good. If even a skilled musician can’t make the guitar sound good, then a beginner will surely be discouraged. This may cause them to loose interest in all music.

I strongly recommend buying a used acoustic for starting out for several reasons.

All wooden instruments sound better over time because the wood matures as the years go by. This includes guitars made of wood. Used instruments will more than likely have some minor asthetic defects like dings or scuffs, but the most important part is the sound quality.

Also used guitars will cost less than their new counter parts. So you can pay less and get a better sounding instrument.

Don’t make the mistake of buying from a pawn shop on your first time out. They will try to sell the guitar at the highest price they can get away with, and knowing you are a beginner they will more than likely take advantage of you.

Last but most important is to realize that all acoustic instruments vary in sound, even if they are mass produced. So just because a guitar has a well known name, do not take it to mean it sounds better than another or for that matter good at all. If at all possible take a guitar player with you to test it out for pros and cons.

Make sure to buy the right guitar as it may change the way you develop musically.

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