How To Properly Humidify Your Acoustic Guitar

In regard to caring for your acoustic guitar so that it will live long and prosper, there are several important points to consider. Items like a good quality case and a stable instrument stand are “must haves” in order to keep your baby in top playing condition.

One characteristic of fine acoustic instruments is that they are typically very sensitive to the amount of moisture they carry within their wood. Unlike electric guitars, acoustics usually have large amounts of unfinished surface area (like all surfaces inside the soundhole) that allow moisture content to vary greatly depending on the surrounding conditions.

Perhaps the easiest way to monitor and maintain proper moisture levels within these expensive tone woods is to purchase a simple guitar humidifier. There are many different types on the market but all operate in basically the same way.

An element, like a small sponge or a piece of cork-like material, is soaked with water and carried inside a small container that is made to sit inside the soundhole of your guitar (or sometimes in the case with it). This element will allow the instrument to absorb the proper amount of moisture as it evaporates from the humidifier.

A hygrometer/thermometer in your case or in the room where you typically keep your guitar is a good idea. You want to shoot for an average humidity level of between 45-55 percent. Levels outside of this range aren’t necessarily a death sentence for your axe but you do want to avoid drastic and/or rapid changes in both temperature and humidity.
Follow these simple guidelines and your fine guitar will remain in great condition for many years.

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