Learn Piano Blues And See The Magic!

It does not matter which instrument you play or how much you are expert on playing the instrument. You just learn the piano blues and you may get really an excellent pianist. And if you play saxophone a lot and write bit of music, and I think playing piano could be a great help like for musical ideas, helping write arrangements for other instruments and it is also quite a stress buster.

Once you learned playing piano blues, you have to learn the rock and roll because you it is developed out of the blues music. And this makes these styles harmonically very close.

One more advantage with the piano is that you can pick up few easy patterns and keep practicing the daily and you may realize you end playing really a good music. It has straight descended from the blues and makes you fluent in some of the skills. This will be really impressive one and help you to improve style of the blues just with a little extra speed.

Watching the finger movements of a few pianist friends of mine, standing next to them and at times watching their fingers from above is what broke the ice for me. I took i8t slow from there breaking down each part got me to realize how easy it was. Speed comes with practice. It is usually said that kids pick up faster than adults, that’s true but the strong desire to learn can teach anyone anything.

So finally learning to platy the blues on the piano will not only helps you to improve the basic techniques on piano but it will also helps you as a spring board to play other styles such gospel and jazz. And if you know only the piano blues then don’t get worried you can make fun by having the jam sessions with your friends.

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