Learning to Play Blues Piano

Though it seems difficult, the truth of the matter is that learning to play the piano is simply a matter of time and persistence. One of the big reasons to love the piano is thanks to how versatile it is. For instance, if you want to learn how to play blues piano, you will find that it is simply a matter of learning how to control the style to your satisfaction!

What exactly is blues piano? It is a music style and once you learn to play it on the piano you will have fewer troubles in learning to play other music styles. Keep on reading and by the end of this article, you will know a great deal about blues music and playing it on the piano.

If you want to play blues piano, start by getting to know the 12-bar blues. This is the progression that is essential for playing the blues. To begin, make use of seventh chords. When a song is broken into three set, each set will have four bars. Play the song in the C key, and then use I tone show off the tone in the C key. Then the IV tone will be F while the V tone comes out to be G.

This means that the initial set is going to be played as I, I, I, I. After that, you have the next set played with IV, IV, I, I. Finally, you will have V, IV, I, I. You will use your right hand to play these three sets, and get used to mastering the seventh chord.

With your left hand, make sure that you are following the 8 note pattern. This pattern will run along I-III-V-VI-VIIb-VI-V-III. Then, when you are looking at playing the C chord with your right hand, you have the notes as C-E-G-A-Bb-A-G-E. Finally, when you are looking at the F chord, you will have F-A-C-D-Eb-D-C-A, and then for the G chord, you will be rendering it as G-B-D-E-F-E-D-B.

Remember to look at the chords and the notes that are played by your left and right hand. Once you have the basics mastered, you are going to find that the blues piano is going to be very easy. Just remember to learn the 12 bar blues in the key of C, and after that, you can try it in other keys.

When you are looking to create a thorough foundation in playing piano, make sure that you take some time to learn the blues. You will find that learning the style of the blues will allow you to cross over to just about any style of genre of music that you are interested in, and this can make your subsequent lessons much easier. Just remember that it takes practice and time, but that you are going to be able to delight crowds and audiences of all ages and types if you can play smoothly!

When you want to find a good teacher who can help you with blues piano, remember to look around. If there is no teacher nearby, take a look at resources like CD or DVD programs, but don’t ignore things like online piano lessons, and piano guide books. If you are learning piano, you are going to have to be someone who is self propelled and interested in mastering the lessons that have been put in front of you.

When you want to make sure that you are going to be able to play the piano, you will find that time, effort and investment are necessary. Think about the styles that you want to conquer and what they might mean for you!

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