Legendary Memphis Musician B. B. King

The great Memphis musician B.B. King was a blues guitarist and singer who is one of the most famous musicians ever to be associated with Memphis. He was born on September 16, 1925 as Riley B. King. He began his career as a Memphis musician in 1946, and quickly became a shining star of the citys music.

B.B. King worked in Memphis as a musician for only a few months in the beginning of his career. He struggled as a Memphis musician, however, and returned to Mississippi where he was from, figuring that it would be a better idea to remain there for a few years. The style of music from the other Memphis musicians at the time was very different than what his style was. Two years later, he felt he was ready to return to Memphis as a musician, and he got a job working as a singer for a local radio station.

By 1949, the Memphis musician began recording songs for the RPM record label that had been based out of Los Angeles. The Memphis musician had recorded most of his first early songs with a producer by the name of Sam Phillips, who later would become the founder of Sun Records, famous for signing Elvis Presley. As a Memphis musician, B.B. King had several side jobs, working as a disc jockey. He earned himself the nickname Beale Street Blues Boy, which was shortened to B.B. The Memphis musician had the name that the world would come to recognize for all time.

Throughout the 1950s, the great Memphis musician recorded hits such as Woke Up This Morning, Please Love Me, Bad Luck, You Upset Me Baby, and Every Day I Have The Blues. King became one of the greatest names in R&B music with these hits and many others. He soon landed a recording contract with ABC Paramount Records, which later became part of MCA Records. Currently, the Memphis musician works with his own label, Geffen Records. Geffen Records is what had become of MCA Records.

With all of the successes that this star Memphis musician has had over the last 60 years, it is no wonder that his name is now legendary, his music unmistakable, and his popularity is what people know always as B.B. King. The fact that the music that he brought to Memphis as a musician changed the face of Memphis blues forever is a fact that will always go down in history with the great Memphis musician himself.

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