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“Music produces a kind of pleasure which humans nature cannot do without”.Playing musical instruments has many benefits and can bring joy to you and to everyone around you.
Musical instrument,any device for producing a musical sound. The principal types of such instruments, classified by the method of producing sound, are percussion,stringed,keyboard,wind and electronic.

Musical instruments in Indian music through the ages:-
1. Vedic music:-The bow shaped veena with many varities like godhaa,vakraa,alabu,kaphishirsha.The drum,earthern drum,single drum are precious instruments,flute,hundred trumpet thutari,metal flute,two piped flute are the blowing instruments
2.Natya shastra
1.string instruments:- seven stringed lute,nine stringed lute,prototype of tanpura
2.Blowing instruments:-bamboo flutes,coanch,war trumpets
3.Percussion instruments:-mridanga,dardur,tripushkar,dundhubi,panav,dindim
4.solid bodied instruments:-Taal,patah,ghanta

The discovery of Plastics in the 20th century also has influenced the manufacturers of instruments; for example, some makers have used plastic instead of quill or leather for the plectra that pluck the strings of the harpsichord, and plastic recorders have been built. Mechanization has made possible the mass production of instruments of all kinds. Insofar as this makes it possible for people to acquire an instrument at a moderate price, mass production is a good thing, and in education it has been beneficial to schools working on a small budget. A natural development has been the provision of kits consisting of the separate parts of an instrument, which can then be assembled by the purchaser. It remains true, however, that the production of an instrument of the finest quality still demands the highest degree of individual skill. A violin glued together from mass-produced parts cannot be the equal of one that has been meticulously constructed from the first by an individual craftsman who will not be satisfied with his work until every detail of it has been tested.

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List of the musical instruments are:-
accordion didgeridoo
double bass electric guaitar
electric organ lockenspiel
gong castanets
celesta chimes
harpsichord Celtic harp
cello helicon
horn hurdy gurdy
harp hammered dulcimer
grand piano harmonium
helicon harpsichord
horn hurdy gurdy
guitar English horn
euphonium Drum
drumsticks cimbalom
dulcimer acoustic guitar
Aeolian harp Alphorn
alto saxophone anvil
baby grand piano bagpipe
balalaika bandoneón
bandura banj
calliope carillon
saw saxophone
sitar slide whistle
snare drum spinet
spoons steel drum

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