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House of Blues

“Music is a feeling, A hunger that needs to be fed, North to South and in-between…..MUSIC”

The Blues Blog.

Learn Blues Songs on your Guitar Quickly Through 5 Simple Steps

By admin | August 20, 2017

Do you find it really hard sometimes to learn some Blues songs on your guitar? Even when you are able to learn something, it still takes you a lot of time while for some people it tends to be a lot more different. Why can some people, who are also beginners, learn the same songs…

Banners Broker Review

By admin | August 19, 2017

Welcome to this not so unbiased Banners Broker Review. When I first started researching this company for this article, I had no intention to join. But the more I saw, the more I realized that I would be crazy not to join. But my intention here is not to sell, but to inform. I will…

Radiohead Tickets – Capitol to Expand Radiohead’s First Three Albums

By admin | August 19, 2017

Capitol is not letting Radiohead’s record label revolt, the apex of which occurred when the band released their 2007 album In Rainbows digitally as a name-your-own-price download, stop them from capitalizing on the U.K. band’s sound. The label will repackage Radiohead’s back catalog with expanded CD/DVD versions of the band’s first three albums: Pablo Honey…

Good Advice For Buying A Guitar

By admin | August 19, 2017

A guitar purchase is an investment in your musical enjoyment and creativity. Your instrument will become a personal vehicle of self-expression. There are many things to consider when shopping for the right one. Here is some advice for buying a guitar. Think of how much you would like to spend. If you are an experienced…

Tips On How To Play Blues Guitar

By admin | August 19, 2017

If you love to listen to the blues, you might be wondering about how to play blues guitar. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can learn how to play this style of music and the guitar at the same time. No two people really learn an instrument in the same way. It is important…

Educate Your Child In The Best Montessori In Harrow

By admin | August 18, 2017

“A beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.” – BB King People dream of achieving milestones in their lives. While many are capable of transforming their wishes into a reality, there are a few who find themselves incompetent of attaining their desired goals. Many times, the reason behind…

Vinyl Records- A Different Perspective

By admin | August 18, 2017

As we continue to see the sales of CDs fall, it is obvious that the distribution channels of music are changing. But there is no disputing that digital downloads are the new “norm” for many people to acquire their music, be it one ninety-nine cent download or an entire album. As I ponder these changes,…

Review of the Breedlove C25/CR Herringbone: Pro Quality at an Affordable Price

By admin | August 18, 2017

In its relatively brief existence, the Breedlove Guitar Company has gained a well-deserved reputation for top quality, easily-playable guitars. These quality instruments, though, also come with a fairly high price tag, but the company is working to reach a broader audience with its heralded “Pro” series of guitars, which includes the C25/CR Herringbone Acoustic. The…

Learn Piano Blues And See The Magic!

By admin | August 18, 2017

It does not matter which instrument you play or how much you are expert on playing the instrument. You just learn the piano blues and you may get really an excellent pianist. And if you play saxophone a lot and write bit of music, and I think playing piano could be a great help like…

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