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“Music is a feeling, A hunger that needs to be fed, North to South and in-between…..MUSIC”

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Learning Blues Guitar – Techniques In Playing Solo

By admin | August 13, 2017

Learning to play blues guitar is indeed one of the great lessons many aspiring musicians want to learn. Playing blues guitar solo is a much more interesting thing to learn as well. If you want to impress your friends, you must have to gather first your patience and zest and learn some blues guitar techniques…

Silk Scarves… Making Use Of Your Plain White Scarves

By admin | August 12, 2017

Accessories are some things that can add style to even the simplest of clothes or dull outfit. If you’re simply using scarves to complement your outfit, you really can’t go wrong with beautiful Plain White silk scarves. Scarves can offer you protection, comfort as well as a high sense of confidence. They are all-around fashion…

Def Leppard Tickets – Michaels Laughs About Accident at Tonys

By admin | August 12, 2017

When Bret Michaels takes the stage with his band Poison, Def Leppard and Cheap Trick, fans may notice a few bumps and bruises on the star. They aren’t from a scuffle, well unless you count a run-in with scenery as a fight. Bret Michaels and Poison performed with the cast of Rock of Ages on…

Acoustic Piano or Digital Piano?

By admin | August 12, 2017

The invention of piano has already come a long way since around 500 years in the past. A great number of various piano styles have emerged out of imitating and enhancing the original piano version many times. Digital pianos are made with the latest technology and it is one of the most famous alternatives for…

Memphis Musicians Bring Beale Street to the World

By admin | August 12, 2017

Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee has always been home to the Memphis musicians who sing the Blues. The Blues is a style of music that grew from the songs that African Americans would sing while they worked out in the fields. For more than 50 years, Memphis musicians have been playing on the corners and…

Why Comparing Guitarists Makes No Sense

By admin | August 11, 2017

It is interesting and funny to see how so many guitar players worldwide through channels like for example YouTube, are spending a great deal of their time comparing their favorite guitarists to each other like it is a competition. My favorite guitar player is better than your favorite guitar player! Although a sensible guitarist knows…

Judas Priest Tickets – Classic Judas Priest Album Covers

By admin | August 11, 2017

Judas Priest, the quintessential heavy metal band, one of the most influential rock groups of all time, has had a lasting affect on musicians and pop culture since their beginnings in the mid 1970s. Unlike their groundbreaking music and live performances, their album cover art has been somewhat neglected by critics. However, the artwork and…

Introduction to Electric Guitars

By admin | August 11, 2017

The electric guitar has become one of the most popular instruments, as well as one of the most versatile instruments in modern music, since it was first developed in the 1930s. It is little wonder so many people want to learn electric guitar; it’s such an exciting and expressive instrument, and is suited to almost…

How Did Country Music Started?

By admin | August 11, 2017

The hillbilly music of the south is a genre of music that is beginning to grow at an immense rate throughout the United States. Originating in Bristol Tennessee, country music is a type of music that integrates the blues, jazz and originally some “hillbilly folk” with a bit of swing, and just recently some pop…

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