Silk Scarves… Making Use Of Your Plain White Scarves

Accessories are some things that can add style to even the simplest of clothes or dull outfit. If you’re simply using scarves to complement your outfit, you really can’t go wrong with beautiful Plain White silk scarves. Scarves can offer you protection, comfort as well as a high sense of confidence. They are all-around fashion accessory that is essential for adding a soft touch to any outfit and are ideal accessories to enhance any look. Embroidered scarves are also particularly nice, come to making a breathtaking fashion statement for women’s, especially when worn with a sweater, blouse or suit.

If you have plain white scarves that are accumulating dust in your drawers or attics, you could turn them into something wearable by tie-dying them. The process of tie-dying actually started in the United States between 1960 and 1970. Musicians such as Janis Joplin and John Sebastian were the ones who started wearing them and causing people to join the bandwagon.

Basically, the first thing you need to do is to bind different ends of your scarf with rubber bands to form your desired pattern. Afterwards, you can either drop blots of dye or dip them into different colored dye filled containers. Make sure to use variations of colors in different places so that you get intricate patterns.

If you want to create a spiral pattern, gather a small section using a pin. Afterwards, slowly rotate the piece as you create pleats of fabric that form swirls around the center point. When you have noticed that a flat roundish bundle has been created, you will be able to create a variation of wedges with the circular bundle. This will form a full spiral effect.

On the other hand, if you want to make a V design, you can do this by folding it vertically in half. From here, you will see a line that diagonally goes down to the center fold. You will have to use the “accordion technique” which entails folding along the line and bounding it into different areas wherever you choose to place the dye.

If you want to create a “peace sign” design, fold your scarves in half so you end up making a half circle. Then fold again so you can create the center line and the extension arm of thepeace sign. Rubber bands need to be tied along the lines of the folds. To make the outline of the peace sign, apply the dye carefully.

Then use a lighter color to paint the background hues. You also have the option to play around with random designs by making several bundles around. This is a fun way of creating spontaneous designs so don’t hesitate to be creative. You could actually create large circles by simply making big knots. Always remember that the bigger the knots, the bigger the circles will be.

It is such a simple process that all you need to do is rinse the scarves afterwards and the dye will stick to the material.

Get scarves in various fabrics, designs and shapes such as triangle, rectangle and square. Perfect silk scarves are easy to knit and you’ll want to make one for yourself and another to give away as a gift. Trendy silk square scarves are chic, stylish and great looking and can be worn as outerwear or simply just to spice up a boring outfit.

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